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At JPN, our watchmakers (watch repairers) will take care of your repairs in Japan. For more information on repair prices and estimated delivery times, please contact us using the form below.

Warranty policy

Warranty period
1 year warranty

Failure of electronic, mechanical or external parts (limited to natural failure under normal conditions of use).
※This does not apply to the appearance of the strap or to minor scratches or stains on the glass, case or parts of the watch caused by use.
※As a rule, the warranty covers repairs and adjustments. In some cases, alternative parts may be used for the repair.

Possession of repair parts
We normally keep parts for repair for a period of 10 years after the end of sale, but we may use alternative parts with a different appearance for repair.
Exclusions from the warranty
Even during the warranty period, the following cases will result in a chargeable repair

This is not covered by the guarantee, as the life of the product depends on the conditions of use and care.

《Changes in appearance》
The warranty does not cover cosmetic changes caused by misuse or negligence (e.g. scratches on the case, windshield or bracelet), damage caused by shocks, drops, chemical corrosion, alterations or battery replacement.

《Water damage》
Water damage to non-water-resistant watches is not covered by the guarantee.
Even if your watch is water-resistant, if the case has been opened even once, it must undergo a hermeticity test before it can be guaranteed.

《Renovation, etc.》
Malfunction or damage due to repair, modification, misuse or negligence by the customer.

《Natural disasters》
Failure or damage caused by natural disaster, fire or accident.

《Incomplete warranty card》
If the warranty card is not presented, if the model number, the name of the dealer and the date of purchase are not indicated on the card, or if it has been reworded.
Warranty for repairs and maintenance carried out for a fee

Repair warranty period
1 year from the date of completion of the repair

Guaranteed repairs
《For dismantling and cleaning》Bad precision
《For partial repairs》Partially repaired areas
Exclusions from the repair warranty
Even during the warranty period, you will have to pay for repairs in the following cases

  • Malfunction or damage due to misuse or negligence
  • Fault or damage caused by repair work or alterations not carried out by us
  • Failure or damage caused by natural disasters
  • Changes in appearance caused by use (scratches, discolouration of the case, glass, bracelet, etc.)
  • Fault or damage caused by magnetisation or corrosion of the material
  • Batteries and straps are not covered by warranty.
User's manual

You can download the instruction manuals for each JPN collection in PDF format from below.