130R was inspired by motorsport, which is also the background of the brand's conceptors. The name comes from the ultra-fast corner "130R" of Suzuka circuit, the world-famous circuit in Japan. The watch is designed to be visible and comfortable even under the extreme conditions such like over 300 km/h and sometimes 5 Gs of gravity.
The exterior materials used for JPN are carbon, titanium and polycarbonate, the same materials actually used in the best racing cars. The heart of the watch is a solar-powered quartz movement, which is highly accurate, requires no regular battery replacement and is also environmentally friendly.
We also paid special attention to the lightness of the case, creating a watch that is water resistant to 10 bar and weighs just 62 grams in total. This is the birth of a solar chronograph watch made in Japan with the utmost attention to design and function.
Smokey Black
45 MM / Quartz (solar-powered)
JPY¥ 132.000,00
Limited edition of 100 pieces

45 MM / Quartz (solar-powered)
JPY¥ 132.000,00
Limited edition of 100 pieces

45 MM / Quartz (solar-powered)
JPY¥ 132.000,00
Limited edition of 100 pieces

Black Red
45 MM / Quartz (solar-powered)
JPY¥ 132.000,00
Limited edition of 100 pieces

Titanium Gray
45 MM / Quartz (solar-powered)
JPY¥ 132.000,00
Limited edition of 100 pieces


Incredible lightness and strength
Carbon case

Made of high-strength and weather-resistant carbon fibre. A quarter of the weight of steel, but ten times stronger. The direct setting of the wind shield and caseback, without the use of a metal sleeve, allows the watch to be ultra-light and water-resistant to 10 bar.

Supple and light
FKM rubber

New ideas in materials, construction and exterior design have been used to achieve a supple fit and reduced weight. The strap is made of FKM rubber (fluoroelastomer), a high pack material that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also heat and weather resistant. Physical properties include cold/heat resistance from -50°C to 300°C.

Lightweight and robust
Grade 5 Titanium

Low weight, corrosion-resistant, allergy-free material. Excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Higher hardness than pure titanium.

High precision, No battery replacement, Environmentally friendly
Solar-powered quartz movement

The movement is charged by light energy from the sun or a fluorescent lamp. No need to change the battery regularly, no need to set the time even if the watch is not used for a long period of time, and solar energy is environmentally friendly. It is ideal for everyday use.


- Size : Diameter 45mm, Thickness 12mm
- Weight : 62g

Material :
- Case:Carbon
- Crown : Titanium grade 5 (Black PVD)
- Pusher : Titanium grade 5 (Black PVD)
- Case back : Titanium grade 5 (Black PVD)
- Crystal : Sapphire crystal

2 Layers dial :
- Upper dial:Brass (with logo)
- Lower dial:Polycarbonate (with Indexes)
- Dial ring : Brass (with tachymeter scale)
- Index : Stainless steel (with super luminova)

- Solar chronograph(SEIKO EPSON)
- Display function : Hour hand, Minute hand, Small second hand (9h position),
24 Hour hand (3h position), Date window (4h 30min position)
- Tachymeter function
- Chronograph:Center chrono 1/5th second, Minute chronograph hand (6h position)

- Black FKM rubber strap
- Titanium grade 5 (Black PVD) Pin buckle

- 10 ATM


You can try on a JPN watch in the comfort of your own home. Please see the following pages for more information. (only in Japan)


You can download the instruction manual as a PDF file below.